Inching Forward

Explorative Bits

Feb 10, 2021

I wanted to work on something pretty simple to ease into F#, so I created Explorative Bits.

I created it to capture links at the intersection of code + creativity and tag them.

Explorative Bits doesn’t support comments, voting, accounts, or even pagination at the moment. It’s a straightforward Giraffe project consisting of one file. Instead of an ORM, it uses Npgsql.FSharp. Instead of templating or an SPA, it uses Giraffe’s ViewEngine to generate HTML. Working this way has been very liberating and allowed me to move very quickly.

[2021-03-20: After getting frustrated spending more time learning F# and the .NET ecosystem than moving forward, I ended up rewriting EB in Go. I’m happy enough with the results that I’ve been focusing on Go for this year’s personal projects.]

#personal projects #fsharp