Inching Forward

Playing around with F# again

Feb 6, 2021
  1. Find Dan Grossman’s excellent Programming Languages course
  2. Fall in love with the ML way of modeling data
  3. Search for modern ML with tooling
  4. Find F#
  5. .NET nulls? Lots of Windows references. Every post I read has code that looks different.
  6. Find Go
  7. Like some of its “simplicity”, ability to create binaries, std lib, performance
  8. Really miss those ADTs, pattern matching, and lack of null
  9. Find Rust
  10. Like so many things, but miss GC
  11. Playing around with F# again

Things have gotten a lot better in F# land than when I tried it last. Granted, that was right before the .NET core switchover which was really painful–there was broken tooling all over the place. Everything is so much better now. The community is really awesome.

Some stuff I’ve been checking out: